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For the festive season, I want to give all of my readers a special present: a universal remote control for your website. Whether you are channel surfing or web surfing, a remote control can make the experience more convenient and more comfortable.

With the telly, a remote control is a small device with buttons which is used to change the content on the big screen. On the Web, the remote is a small browser window that contains links to change the content in the main browser window.

If you have any problems with this code, or you would like to see a working example of the remote control, visit:

To set up your remote control, the basic idea is to use JavaScript to open a new window and then place an HTML file in it with the links that make up the remote. The remote is opened from the main browser window which, in this example, is set up as two horizontal frames.

The top frame (menu) will have the link used to open up the remote control and the bottom frame (content) will be what the remote control targets its links into.