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A "Web-based graphics effects generator" that lets users select a .jpeg or .gif file from any Web location, and go mad with it. So download an unsuspecting image from a humble homepage and then unleash modifications such as Emboss, Infrared, "Pointalist" (sic), Particled Flip, Water Ripples and even the sinister Double Wavey Sine Distortion. The results can be e-mailed to friends or saved for use on your own site. The process can take time, and the program regularly complains onscreen about the largeness of the chosen file. So while waiting, visit one of author Bill Kendrick's

other interactive experiments, including some interesting online games and a Random Movie Title Generator, whose output - Slimeball Flesh Killers, Naked Vice Party, Cannibal Cyborg People - would be guaranteed to attract investment on the strength of a Variety ad alone.