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Beethoven/Violin Sonatas Anne Sofie Mutter/Lambert Orkis

(Deutsche Grammophon)

One of the world's finest violinists tackles a truly mountainous repertoire - the 10 violin sonatas of Beethoven. Mutter has devoted the last year of her life to playing these sonatas and virtually nothing else. The results of all that hard work and scholarship undoubtedly show on these immaculate and highly finessed readings, full of delicate shadings, insightful nuance and pristine musicianship. In her thorough interpretations the 10 sonatas form an arc, developing via the classical Op12 set, via the Spring (Op24) to the Op30 trilogy, the majestic Kreutzer and the autumnal Op96. There's a fine rapport between Mutter's Strad and the staunch accompaniment of Lambert Orkis's piano, making for great dialogue and interplay. With a CD-Rom plus-score facility, these sharp and electric readings come highly recommended. The best ever? Well, certainly a contender. HHHH