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Rossini Le Nozze di Teti e di Peleo

Virtuosi di Praga, Andreae (Hannsler Classic)

With hours of Rossini opera already, do we need a cantata, too? Yet this occasional "dramatic action with chorus", here receiving its world premiere recording, is an absolute gem. Dozens of teeming melodies, already heard in some opera or soon to find their way into one, permeate the score. An up-tempo live reading, slightly marred by snatches of applause. HHH

Bruckner Symphonies Nos 8 & 0

National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland, Tintner (Naxos)

Georg Tintner's reading of Bruckner's powerful 8th Symphony allows this awe-inspiring music to breathe. The orchestra here is not the Vienna or Berlin Philharmonic, but they play sterlingly enough. Plus, with the fine filler of the Symphony No.0, this is both big Bruckner and bargain Bruckner. HHHH