New Wave divers' sea of opportunity

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Wash out your mask, dust down your flippers and take a deep breath, because this weekend sees Dive 95, the international sub-aqua and watersports show, surface at the NEC, Birmingham. This year's event will be swimming with seminars, demos and diving films, plus over 150 exhibitors displaying all manner of diving paraphernalia to help make life beneath the ocean wave just that little bit more enjoyable. Attractions will include the chance to handle artefacts recovered from the Mary Rose and see exactly how the salvage operation was undertaken, plus an exhibition and display from the Historical Diving Society; and with 150 exhibitors, there's the chance to buy anything from a 39kg lift dual retractable buoyancy compensator to a week's holiday in the Red Sea. However, no sub-aqua show would be complete without some talk of gases, and running alongside Dive 95, there is a two-day conference, Eurotek, devoted to New Wave and Technical Diving, where "tekkies" will be discussing such things as nitrox, mixed gases and rebreathing. If that all makes you feel a little out of your depth, don't despair: there's a dive tank on hand where you can try out all the latest underwater goodies for yourself.

Dive 95/Planet Tek, today & tomorrow, NEC Birmingham, ring 0181-977 9878 for details