News quiz of the week

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1. How did NYPD Blue look into Yellow and come to the aid of one man and his dog?

2. Where is a weight gain of a few thousandths of an ounce giving cause for concern?

3. What didn't happen at 6pm on 22 October and why might it happen instead on

4 November?

4. Which government minister has found environmental cuts to be a bit of a bore?

5. The Conservative Club in March, Cambs, is reported to have banned a member for six months. Was it because:

a) He spoke in favour of the Referendum Party;

b) He was too friendly with a Labour councillor;

c) He had smelly feet?

6. An extra mid-week draw for the National Lottery is intended "to revitalise flagging sales". How many lottery tickets were sold every second last year?

a) 1,647, b) 164, c) 16 d) 1.6.

7. Who admitted that a 138-year-old theory was "more than a hypothesis" though an older theory, while scientifically dubious, still "pertained to history in a true sense"?

8. There has been quibbling this week among political parties concerning the definition of types of weaponry now on sale. But which double-barrelled item achieved a rare unanimity, spanning the Conservatives, Social Democrats, Liberal Democrats and Labour?

9. (See picture.) Which European capital city had its streets blocked by hearses in a strike by undertakers? Quiz of the Week answers 1. Wallace & Gromit were found in a yellow cab thanks to the NY police. 2. At the National Physics Lab, where the British standard kilogram was found to be overweight. 3. The end of the world, as predicted by Archbishop Ussher. The change from Julian to Gregorian calendar means it could be 4 November instead. 4. Michael Heseltine, whose land was vandalised. 5-c. 6-b. 7. Pope John Paul II on evolution. 8. Christopher Brocklebank-Fowler 9.Madrid.