News quiz of the week

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1. Who did Toby Graham and Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon both come face to face with this week?

2. Who waltzed into a court but may have some time to wait before learning whether she will waltz out again with half a million pounds?

3. Which dyslexic died this week after giving us all So Much Love?

4. "Able red Len axed" - well, his name wasn't Len, actually, but if you rearrange the letters you should find out who we're talking about.

5. Which former dissident, now an Israeli Cabinet minister (pictured right) said: "When he's up against 25 Israeli Jews, he knew it would be tough"? Who was the person he was referring to, and what had the speaker just done to justify his statement?

6. A champion who this week was stripped of his title and banned for a year for using an illegal substance, is considering taking legal action against the judge, who happened to be his brother. The illegal substance was cardboard. What was the sport?

7. Where did those feet, in ancient times, walk, and why is the evidence no longer apparent?

8. Which two sporting giants settled a contest for a pounds 100,001 prize, then started negotiations for a rematch?

9. A watercolour painting by a famous hand fetched pounds 2,500 at an auction in Brigg, two-and-a-half times its estimate. Who painted it?

10. What do a taxi driver, a vet, a diplomat, a tube driver and now a vicar have in common?