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Mad about Machines (8pm C4)

It's a radio idea really, and, as TV, this new series in which six people discuss their favourite machines might drive the less patient to watching the Channel 5 test transmissions. It opens with novelist Louise Brindley on her 50-year relationship with an Olivetti typewriter she calls Olive. When Olive finally packs up for good, says Brindley, she knows it's time for her to stop writing (3669).

Film: Poison Ivy (10pm C4) It's not what you'd call a good film, but the cast of this over-ripe melodrama is intriguing - not least, former ET tot Drew Barrymore in her coming-of-age role as the vampish teen seducing the household of Sara Gilbert (Darlene in Roseanne). Mom (who suffers from emphysema) and dad (who suffers from what the painter Balthus recently called "Nabokovian tendencies") are played by Cheryl Ladd and Tom Skerritt (785973).