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Chances that a member of the world's workforce is employed in the tourist industry: 1 in 10

Number of ambulances on "heat patrol" in Bucharest since July: 15

Position in national listing of television viewing figures occupied by Peru's weather reports: 1

Number of British TV license fees unpaid, ever: 160 million

Number of schools in Texas, US, renting their roof as advertising space for airplanes flying over head: 1

Position of Head and Shoulders in ranking of most widely recognised foreign brands in China: 4

Number of hairs that can be transplanted from back and sides of human

scalp without causing extreme elasticity reduction and scarring: 3,000

Percentage of smokers at any time declaring an intention to quit: 20

Percentage of 50 million Americans who have succeeded in quitting smoking first time: 5

Number of millions more inhabitants of Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union living below income poverty line than in 1988: 116

Number of people in world who live on less than $1 a day: 1.3 billion

Amount for which Mr Saeed Akhtar's pounds 5 cheque, given to a job applicant for travel expenses, was cashed at his local NatWest branch in Walthamstow, East London: pounds 15,005

Number of members of 1,500-strong workforce of the Bangkok Post to have been dismissed this year: 1,420

Price of a peacock feather on sale in central London, per feather: 42p

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