Obituary: Megs Jenkins

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SURPRISINGLY, TOM Vallance's comprehensive obituary of Megs Jenkins [12 October] makes no mention of her work for radio drama which so delighted thousands of listeners - none more than myself - in the 1950s, writes Patrick Campbell.

In 1952 I was producing a radio version of J.B. Priestley's play The Golden Fleece and was anxious to find a cast that would do justice to what Priestley told me was "one of my favourite works". I was fortunate to persuade Wilfred Pickles to play Lotless, the convicted business tycoon now reduced to night porter in a hotel. To me there was only one actress who could play the chambermaid on the air. However, Megs was reluctant to play the part, believing that she would not be able to play the part to the author's satisfaction.

Happily she succumbed to my blandishments and from all the plays I produced for the BBC in that decade, it is Megs Jenkins's "Molly" that I remember most clearly. She recognised at once the political subtlety of the play and throughout rehearsals she was a joy to direct.

Megs graced the microphone as she did the stage and the film camera. In this 75th year of radio drama, her contribution to the art should not be forgotten.