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At last, a tool which gives everyone the chance to play at being an estate agents. Seiko's snappy ProMeasure is a hand-held black box. Place the back edge against a wall with the honeycombed sensor pointing at the opposite side of the room, press and release a button, and the battery-powered machine makes a series of clicks. These clicks allow the Ultrasonic sensor in the ProMeasure to determine the distance from the base of the unit to the opposite wall.

Within a second or two, the machine bleeps and the LCD readout displays the width of the room. What's more, the unit can store the width measurement and combine it with length and height to calculate area and volume - useful for working out how much paint you need if you're decorating. Now all you need is a BMW, a sharp suit and enough shamelessness to describe a pitiful slum as a des res.

For stockist call 01628 410 357. Price pounds 29.99. David Phelan