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Mops may be cheap but high-tech they certainly ain't. Gadget-lovers who want gleaming clean floors need look no further than the newest addition to the Vax cleaning equipment range: the Sahara, "for all your hard floor cleaning requirements". Vinyl, concrete, tiles, sealed wooden floors and even marble can be washed and dried quickly and efficiently with a minimum of elbow grease. This egg-yolk yellow spaceship look-alike is not only simple to use but offers the satisfying experience of watching the dirt shift from the floors to the transparent reservoir at the front. Best of all, the Sahara is designed with separate tanks for the fresh and used liquid to ensure that, unlike the mop and bucket method, dirty water is not re-used. And with a change to the dry jug and a switch of cleaning head the Sahara does dry vacuuming too. Of course, for the pounds 199.95 they're charging, you could buy a lot of mops. But where's the fun in that?

For stockist details, call Vax on 0500 005 987. David Phelan