On-stage chemistry

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The European Week for Scientific and Technological Culture may have that unpleasant smack of intellectual superiority, white coats and Tefal-headed boffindom. However the Science Museum's contribution, a European Festival of Science Drama, is an attempt to promote accessibility through live performance. The Museum was the first in Britain to venture into drama, and the Festival features a full production about HG Wells from the Museum's in-house company, Spectrum. The company also offer vignettes by characters from scientific history, including Leon Theremin, the inventor of electronic synthesisers, and astronaut Gene Cernan. The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television's Action Replay revive one of their earliest pieces, The Lumiere Brothers. Companies from all over Europe contribute pieces which include appearances by Pasteur, Einstein and of course the indispensable Abbess Hildegard of Bingen. On one level this is an opportunity to rediscover the delights of the Science Museum. More importantly, it offers the chance to see Thomas Crapper demonstrate his greatest invention, the syphonic flush toilet.

Science Museum, Exhibition Rd, London SW7 (0171-938 8008) today & Sun, 11.30am-4.30pm