On Tour: Adonis

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American stripper Dan Mahon has been touring with Adonis since they first came to England in 1990

We've been off the road since April when the Chippendales tried to shut us down. Now we're going round England to say 'We're back'. We were actually here before them, and although they're a household name, from now on I think they'll fade away.

The job isn't as glamorous as it sounds. We spend a lot of time in hotels. Everyone is pretty much health-conscious so as soon as we arrive someone gets on the phone to the local gym. We do 30 minutes of aerobics, and an hour's weight training a day. We do go out in London, places like Stringfellows (071-240 5534), the Hard Rock Cafe (071-629 0382) or the Ministry of Sound, Gaunt St, SE1.

The response from women is pretty universal. Before anyone's even on stage there's a lot of hooting and hollering. It probably gets a bit rougher the further north you go but in fact those are some of our best shows. In Inverness on our last tour the audience trampled the stage and we had to stop while they settled down. It was in a big ice-skating rink with 3,000 people. There were pickets outside - local members of churches were trying to stop it. Once the women got there they started drinking and ran up on stage. We get a lot of knickers thrown at us, and body parts to sign. You gotta expect all that but women know where we stand. We're not just a piece of meat.

A lot is left to the imagination. There is no frontal nudity although you might see a full bum. It's just an ordinary job. You go out there and it's like riding a bike. You push it on play mode and run through the motions.

Adonis are at the Stardust, Coalville tonight. Tour runs to 25 Nov.

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