On Tour: Out of Joint

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I spend most of the time on the phone, organising. I pull different parts of the production together - the designers, actors and technicians. I guess I'm the producer's right arm and do everything that's not on anyone else's job description. I've spent practically the last three years on tour.

There's not much time in the schedule for a private life and I sometimes wish it were otherwise. Nevertheless I have friends all over the country and touring is really an incredible way to make a living - if you can stand the pace. Most of the time I don't get a day off in the week.

I don't actually live anywhere. You could say I'm homeless. I enjoy working under pressure and the fact that I'm my own boss. I'm completely addicted to it but have to face the fact that there's a burn-out point. I really look forward to a theatre's response to a new company.

I have to have with me at all times a good book and a laptop, which contains my whole life. I always travel by car - British Rail on a Sunday is a nightmare. My life could fall apart but not my car.

My parent's home is in Aberdeen in a small, beautiful fishing village called Newton Hill. It's the perfect place to escape touring. Eating at home is a treat because during a tour I'm a junk-food queen. Sundays are the days when I can have fresh veg, a knife and fork and perhaps even the luxury of a napkin.

Jacqui Kelly is the company manager of Out of Joint theatre company who preview Sue Townsend's 'The Queen and I', directed by Max Stafford-Clark, and Jim Cartwright's 'Road' at the Leicester Haymarket (0533 539797) from tomorrow. It will be touring the country until June