On Tour: V-Tol

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32 Feet per Second per Second is the first time I haven't danced with the company because I've been so heavily involved with the choreography. It has been very interesting for me and also very difficult. I get all the nerves I used to get in performance but I just have to shake for a couple of hours on my own. It is possible to choreograph and dance at the same time but because this piece is very complex, with interactive film sequences, I had to step back for once.

Amazingly there have been no technical nightmares even though we have a 16mm projector plus a video projector and three screens that slide in and out. A dancer is hooked to a harness and spins so that the film whizzes past them, giving the effect of falling from a great height. I'm extremely excited about what we've stumbled on.

There is a limit to how much touring you can take. We've been on the road since October and we'll be going on until May. You start to think it is just one chilly guest house after another. The worst venues are where you are made to feel like a squatter - no one greets you and the director doesn't bother to come to see the show. The highlight of this tour was the Nottingham Playhouse. Everything was right, from being introduced to people to getting flowers. Basic things really, but you don't get them that often.

Because of touring there is far less opportunity to see other things, but if I'm in London I won't go to the Royal Ballet. I'm not interested in that sort of world, I'm interested in whatever's on the cutting edge.

Mark Murphy is artistic director of V-TOL (Vertical take-off and landing) '32 Feet' is at The Junction, Cambridge (0223 412600) 8pm tonight and tours to 13 May.