One PlayStation, laser balls and 50 games to be won

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After being away at war for years, a young Ninja named Kurosawa returns home to find Japan has been totally decimated and is being ruled by wicked demons, who allow the dead to roam among the living. Kurosawa vows to save his people and his homeland and, armed with ancient Japanese weapons and magical skills, he sets off on his quest...

Ninja: Shadow of Darkness, the new Sony PlayStation game from Eidos Interactive, was developed by the makers of Tomb Raider - Core Design - which based it on arcade-adventure classics such as Double Dragon and Ghosts and Goblins.

It features:

l more than 50 enemies, including 13 end-of-level bosses

l 13 stages in full 3-D

l a third-person cinematic camera system to view the action, controlled by the game engine

l combat assets such as hand-to-hand fighting (including combinations), magic moves and a variety of weapons which can be powered up

l a bonus-point system based around health, extra lives, weapons and invulnerability.

The top prize-winner will take home a Sony PlayStation, a copy of Ninja: Shadow of Darkness, a laser ball and a T-shirt. The second and third prizes are a copy of the game, a laser ball and a T-shirt, and 47 runners-up will each win a copy of the game and a T-shirt. For a chance to win one of these prizes, simply answer the following question:

What is the name of the Ninja in Ninja: Shadow of Darkness?

Send your answer on a postcard, with your name, address and daytime phone number, to: The Independent/ PlayStation Competition, Herald Communications, Greencoat House, London SW1P 1DH. The winners will be the first correct entries drawn after the closing date, 26 October 1998. Usual Independent Newspapers rules apply.

l This is a joint promotion run by The Independent and Eidos Interactive. Eidos Interactive is giving away one PlayStation, 50 Ninja: Shadow of Darkness games, three electronic laser balls and 50 T-shirts.