Opening time: Muji

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Muji ('No Brand Goods') opens its first high street shop tomorrow. The company came to London from Japan four years ago, selling a curious mix of white cotton shirts, unbleached cotton sheets and chocolate-covered soy beans. Elemental in their simplicity and made almost entirely from natural or recycled materials, Muji cashed in on the slow swing away from the designer-label goodies of the Eighties.

The ideal customer appears to be a fashionable young graphic designer living in a small, minimalist flat with little money to spare. But as the shop also sells some very useful things - a variety of ways of storing the necessary detritus of city living - it attracts a surprisingly broad band of customers. Coinciding with the new shop, Muji is extending its range, to include furniture, a mountain bike (pounds 325) and new watches (below: priced, from left, at pounds 95, pounds 135, pounds 95 and pounds 120).

Muji, 157 Kensington High St (071-376 2484). The store is open, 10am-7pm Mon-Wed and Sat, 10am-7.30 Thurs/Fri