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Men are boring to women because there's only about 12 types of us, and they know all the keys . . . I only know about this because I'm the type they talk to.

Jack Nicholson, actor,

Time Out

I can't stand feminist fiction. You screech to a halt on page 32 when the heroine is given a long diatribe about victimhood and empowerment. Life isn't like that.

Yvonne Roberts, feminist

journalist turned bonkbuster

novelist, Independent

I think it's got to be every child's wish to direct a parent.

Karis Jagger, currently directing her mother, actress Marsha Hunt, on the Edinburgh Fringe,

London Evening Standard

The line between thinking murder and doing murder isn't that major.

Oliver Stone, film-maker,

New Yorker

I'd shag the lot of them.

Morrissey, singer, on Echobelly and Gene, his favourite groups of the moment, Observer

You either make a film or you write an article about it.

Warren Beatty, actor- director, Vanity Fair

If Mr Powell is right, we're going to have to make a lot of changes to church architecture.

Spokesman for the Catholic media office, responding to Enoch Powell's assertion

that Christ was stoned not crucified, Independent