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It seems improbable that Stephen Daldry will take over from me [as artistic director of the National Theatre], but then it seems improbable that anyone would want the job.

Richard Eyre, announcing that he will retire in 1997

I say to dealers, `Do you want to show my figure drawings?' They say, `No, you're an abstract artist. Don't show them together, it just muddles people.'

Anthony Caro, sculptor, Independent

Because I'm very earnest by nature, if you ask me a serious question I'll probably give you a serious answer, but there's a tendency for people to think that's all there is to me - whereas in fact I'm quite daft.

Sting, musician, Arena

The worst thing that's happening in magazines and newspapers is that people get trained to write on assignment, and they cook up fake stories about whatever the editors have heard a little buzz about.

Pauline Kael, ex-New Yorker film critic, Modern Review