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Thanks for the poor security.

Note left by the thieves who

took The Scream from the

National Art Museum, Oslo

It's a pain in the neck sometimes, because I can't cross the street or change a signature tune without people writing

and ringing and jumping up and down.

Liz Forgan, on being the

Managing Director of BBC

Network Radio, Independent

We rewrote it because it's like all of Quentin's scripts: a good idea built around a lot of swear words but no plotting.

Unnamed sidekick of film

director Oliver Stone, on

Quentin Tarantino's script for

Natural Born Killers, Empire

You've got to go with me. Will you go with me? You'll be there with me, Mum?

Steven Spielberg, asking his mother to the Oscar ceremony

I can't bear to listen to it. It's like local radio 20 years ago. We call it the Petticoat Line.

Sacked Radio 1 DJ Adrian Juste

on Emma Freud's new R1 show,

Evening Standard

I do like his hair. If you spend any time with him, his hair

isn't as big as everybody makes it out to be.

Julia Roberts, actress, on

her husband Lyle Lovett,

country singer, Time Out