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Why don't we use one that just says 'F*** off Granada]'

LWT's Greg Dyke on the LWT Defence Document, Guardian

It is like the Tower of Babel - it seems it will never be finished.

Brian Lake of the British Library, Daily Telegraph

I avoided the nice, fat P G Wodehouse kind of pig. I had to have a pig with sinister potential.

Leslie Megahey, director, on casting The Hour of the Pig, Times

I don't think they recognised me so much as they thought that something was wrong with an old lady picking up a bong and practising to suck on it.

Robin Williams tests his Mrs Doubtfire disguise on the general public, Time Out

I like Latin writers - I love Homer.

Sir Harrison Birtwistle, composer, Desert Island Discs

Disease movies tend not to work anyway. People didn't go to see Dying Young.

Ron Nyswaner defends his script for Jonathan Demme's Philadelphia, the first Hollywood film dealing directly with Aids, Premiere

(Tom) Hanks's character may be out to his family and friends, but to the audience he's very much in the closet. For this we're supposed to be thankful that Hollywood has deigned to put us and Aids on screen.

Review of Philadephia in The Advocate, a gay magazine, noting that although there are heterosexual love scenes in the film, the gay ones were cut