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Of course they're tempted. They've got families and mortgages.

Bernie Rhodes, former manager of the Clash, on the chances of a comeback, Q

You can only take things for so long. I have stood up to be counted. Changes are being made here which go against my principles and I just cannot agree with them.

Dave Lee Travis, walking out of Radio 1 after 26 years

From the beginning I believed that staying the course was what counted. I outlast the bastards.

Harrison Ford on the secret of his success, Sunday Times Magazine

She's a pit bull. She'll latch on to something and won't let go. As far as business is concerned, she's the diva queen.

Mimi Beck, friend of actress Sharon Stone, GQ

Having a vagina and a point of view is a deadly combination.

Attributed to Sharon Stone, GQ

He's not necessarily a great friend of mine, and I don't get on with his music. He has no tunes. I like tunes.

Michael Nyman, fellow composer, on Philip Glass, Q

Unduly protracted.

Broadcasting Standards Council verdict on three sex scenes in Ken Russell's Lady Chatterley