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Russian literature in the 19th century raised boredom to a philosophical condition.

Julian Barnes, novelist, Independent

My dad's favourite metaphor for it is climbing Mount Everest. He said I'd have to climb it four times - once for Henry, once for Jane, once for him and once for me. Unless I was smart, in which case I'd realise the first three times aren't necessary.

Bridget Fonda on being in a family of film stars,

Daily Telegraph

I can recognise a dangerous psychopath when I see one, which is bloody useful in this job.

Jo Brand, female comic and former psychiatric nurse,

on abuse she receives on stage, Time Out

Meg is very drawn to this material, and Tom, well, Tom is a guy. It's different with guys.

Director Nora Ephron on the reactions of lead actors

Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks to her next film, the

romance Sleepless in Seattle, Premiere

Though I sound loud, very rarely is it a question of amplitude.

Rock guitarist Robert Fripp, formerly of

King Crimson, Time Out

There's no such thing as a pure unmediated culture, any more than there is a pure unmediated self. All people, all cultures, are hybrid.

Edward Said, Reith lecturer, Time Magazine