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Just plain naff.

Daily Telegraph verdict on the new Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) Gate in Hyde Park

All those supermodels getting record deals. It's bad for all of us. It waters down the stew.

Deborah Harry, ex-Blondie,


I have a little bit of penis envy. They're ridiculous, but cool.

kd lang, singer and gay icon,

Vanity Fair

I don't call my instrument a harmonica, to me it's always been a mouth-organ. I prefer the short word to the long.

Larry Adler, letter to Time Out

We're all very excited.

Mick Jagger, on going to Barbados to record the next Rolling Stones album, Q

We're on the case. Keep the faith.

Keith Richards, ditto

Quietly, he made everybody move to the suburbs and take up golf and go fishing, he made everybody relax.

Tony Bennett on fellow crooner Bing Crosby, Guardian

Yes, he does change diapers.

Patti Scialfa's shock disclosure about her husband Bruce Springsteen, Q

Our own fascists.

Bono, of U2, on the IRA,

Hot Press

If Jesus had seen U2 he'd have been very mad indeed. Jesus would throw bottles at U2.

Link Wray, NME