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I haven't yet been able to find a happy adulterer.

Tamasin Day-Lewis, producer of the BBC2 series Adultery (starts Tuesday), Guardian

In the vernacular of film, this is the school of Martin Scorsese, not Cecil B de Mille.

Alan Yentob on Caravaggio's The Supper of Emmaus, National Gallery News

I want to forget all about the RSC years now. I found the whole thing ultimately depressing. I learned a lot but something in me was stifled.

Helen Mirren, Evening Standard

Looking back I think it's appalling to be so streetwise at so tender an age, when you could have been reading Keats.

Angel Bacon, illustrator, on her time at Holland Park Comprehensive, Independent

The sex is not wild enough . . . It's better if you watch it on video and speed the tape up. Lucy Ellman on Lady Chatterley, Observer

It's a real living, breathing religion.

Pete Townshend on rock'n'roll, as the ground was broken for its Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio