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De Mented. De Ranged. De Ceptive. De Palma.

Copyline on poster for Brian De Palma's new film

I wouldn't be opposed to doing another action picture. I'd just rather it was set on Earth.

Sigourney Weaver, Sunday Times

It was so loud that I thought it was a band playing on the other side of Hampstead Heath.

Member of Kenwood audience after a concert was spoiled by the Michael Jackson gig five miles away at Wembley, Daily Telegraph

Neither on record nor on stage do you feel the sweat running down her forehead or her eyes blazing with passionate fury. She radiates a sense of someone wallowing in a soprano bubble bath, all too gorgeously relaxing.

Profile of Kiri Te Kanawa, the BBC's new Music magazine

My writing's very spare. My agent said I write like Hemingway . . . only not as good.

Michael Caine, GQ

'Why have you hung it (a painting) above the TV?' 'My wife likes to watch the television. I like to watch the Sisley.'

Guest quizzes Baron Thyssen, Daily Telegraph