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The thing is, I'm not really the sort of bloke who likes musicals all that much.

Tim Rice, lyricist, Daily Telegraph

I'm a mid-art populist and postmodernist Buddhist surfing his way through the chaos of the late 20th century.

David Bowie, pop star, among other things, Sunday Times

I've never had to make a comeback because I've never gone anywhere. It's just the public went on vacation, is all.

P J Proby, singer, Sunday Telegraph

The bottom line is I have a knack for making comic movies. I wish it wasn't like that. I wish I had a great dramatic talent, but I don't.

Woody Allen confirms what people

have been saying for years, Guardian

You see other people being happy, so you suspect that it's something great, but it's the difference between watching, for example, somebody having an orgasm and experiencing one for yourself.

Roman Polanski, film-maker, on missing out, Arena