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The sad thing about the Sixties was the weak-mindedness of the so-called radicals and the way that they managed to get co-opted. I think one of the things that helped that happen was LSD. It's the only chemical known to mankind that will convert a hippie into a yuppie.

Frank Zappa, art-rock veteran, Guardian

A highly conservative Englishman whose exhibitionism was mistaken for rebellion.

Julie Burchill on Mick Jagger, Spectator

If one endlessly did politically correct movies it would be excruciatingly boring, wouldn't it? I mean, I like annoying people.

Adrian Lyne, director of Indecent Proposal, Daily Telegraph

I thought I'd never live to see the day when the best melody on Top of the Pops was a Eurovision Song Contest number.

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, composer, Independent

It won't be a karate film like all the others. I want it to be a sort of Ben Hur of karate films.

Jean-Claude Van Damme, action star, on his directorial debut, Associated Press

A nation of tea shops with a few skinheads floating around.

Steven Berkoff, actor and writer, on how foreigners see us, Press Association

Showing it to them was the most incredible thing.

Demi Moore, film star, on her videotape of her children's births, The Big Breakfast (C4)