Martin Parr's show at the Photographers' Gallery captures tourists doing touristy things. Iain Gale listens in
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He's got it hasn't he? I mean he's said it all. It is a small world. We're just living in this wonderful global village. That's what they called it in the Seventies isn't it? You see, we're all really the same, deep down.

- Girl in a floral dress and sandals

I had no idea... I feel really... demeaned. Really insulted. How dare they do that. They've got a red bus but it's in the country and the brick's all wrong. Poor bastards.

- Man in Tyrolean dress on a photograph of the British Theme Village in Japan (left)

I just think he's got an extraordinary eye. Could you do that? That takes real skill, and time. But everything he does has a moral too. He's a bit like Hogarth in a way.

- Man in pinstripe suit

There's nothing special about that is there? Or that. I mean, you know, I went around the world in my gap year and I took heaps of pics just like that. You know funny or witty or something. And I can do that. You know. It's not special. It's not art. Is it?

- Girl in a polo shirt and pearls