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When lesbian and gay writers observe heterosexual behaviour, we are often accused (unfairly) of creating gay characters in disguise and asked why we are not more honest. But if we then examine homosexual life we are told we have an agenda ... In other words, lesbian and gay writers should be silent.

Martin Sherman, gay writer, Independent

Oh yes, I'm a keen sausage man.

Dick King-Smith, creator of Babe the Sheep Pig, Time Out

Look at who's saying dance is dead. Dancers. And that means something.

Mark Morris, dancer and choreographer, New York

I had always seen myself as a star: I wanted to be a galaxy.

Twyla Tharp, dancer and choreographer, Observer

It's the bill of fare that began in the 1950s. There would be a piece by some poof convict, preferably French, then Garcia bloody Lorca, Ibsen, Wedekind - all good Ipswich Polytechnic Drama Society stuff.

Peter O'Toole, actor, on why he hates the current British theatre scene, Observer

Psychotherapy is actually not that different from what I was always doing, because as a comedian one is examining human behaviour, but in a different way.

Pamela Stephenson, ex-comedian, on her new career, Telegraph

There are lines that I say I will not cross and that was one of them - even if you're pretending making love, you don't want your mother in the room.

Jennifer Jason Leigh, actress, on working with her screenwriter mother, Barbara Turner, Los Angeles Times