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He [Ron Wood] bought this place in Ireland but there wasn't a pub close enough for his liking. So he built one at the bottom of his garden. He's very enterprising that way is Ronnie.

Jimmy White, snooker

player, on Ron Wood, of

the Rolling Stones, Loaded

If you look at The Young Ones it was a nuclear family. Mike was the dad, Neil was the mum, Vyv was the little boy and Rick was the little girl, complete with pigtails. We didn't realise it at the time.

Rik Mayall, actor, deconstructs the 1980s comedy hit, Observer

We concocted the best drink I ever tasted - a chocolate martini, made with vodka, Hershey's syrup and Kahlua. How we survived I'll never know.

Elizabeth Taylor, actress, on how she and Rock Hudson coped with the Texan heat while filming Giant, Guardian

When technology is used to secure the fundamentally modern principles of universal human rights - for shelter, food, health care, education and freedom - . . . the spirit of modernity finds its very expression.

Sir Richard Rogers, architect, gives The Reith Lectures, Radio 4