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"I'M PRIVILEGED to have gone to the moon. People's perceptions change of you - but life is all about meeting real people," Buzz Aldrin told a space cadet at Sound Republic this week. Givenchy themed the boite with Futurama elements to hype its deal with the astronaut. Once he steered spaceships, now he sells scent. That's (millennial) life, kiddo.

MUST READ for the glossy posse this week is a pirate copy of Versace Undressed, an unauthorised biography of the murdered Italian couturier. Scheduled for publication in July, Undressed contains many lively and entertaining insights into the fashion industry.

SO IT'S a Knockout returns to the ring; may Pandora be the first to plead for a reprise for Tiswas?

IT'S A date. The numbers are in - and how - on what we should call the decade following the Nineties. Pandora's People overwhelmingly prefer "the Naughties" (and its variant spellings) - but the "Double Zeros", "Yukkies" (that's a Y2K thing), "Nothings" and "Teenies" also win minority support. Precision points to Reading's Kate Tompkins for suggesting that the Teenies "would only really apply from 2013 to 2019".

MEXID MESSAGES? Let's clarify the buzz about the ad that ran in this newspaper's front section earlier this month. Everyone's talking about the crash hot lay-out and twisted type; but eagle-eyed readers rapidly sussed that the stunt highlighted the plight of MS sufferers. Saatchi & Saatchi's Greg Martin and Mike McKenna had 60 minutes to produce the ad from The Independent's raw copy as it went to press. Legible versions of the stories appeared on the page after the ad; a strip at the bottom of the page explained: "MS scrambles messages between the brain and the body." Top marks to Creative Review, the first trade book to spot the decode.

DANI BEHR (pictured) - who numbers Christian Slater, Les Ferdinand and George Clooney among the beaus on her string - is back before the camera. "I was an actor before I was a presenter," Behr insisted at the premiere party for David Cronenberg's eXistenZ the other night. "As far as I'm concerned, I'm returning to my first love."

The former presenter of The Word, a dumb and dusted youth TV show, plays the receptionist role in the thriller Rancid Aluminium. But South African- born Dani found location work with Sadie Frost and Tara Fitzgerald a chore.

"After filming for a couple of weeks in Wales, I was hungry for the creature comforts of home."

Just as well former fancy Ryan Giggs never took her back to meet his folks, isn't it, although Pandora always rated Behr as one of Giggsy's top scores.

PADDY ASHDOWN'S Yeovil constituency is up for grabs. Perhaps the selection committee will consider the life-long Liberal Nicholas Parsons. Parsons turned down the chance to become the candidate in 1976. Would it be hesitation, repetition or deviation for him to have another pop?

OH, AND have you noticed more people in the street apparently talking to themselves? Reality is that they're using the new hands-free gizmo that allows mobile phone users to bump their gums without frying their brains. Sure, it's a civilisation advance; but feisty types are bending Pandora's ear to bitch about these mumblers suddenly stopping in their tracks and creating pedestrian pile-ups. Since the walkie-talkies aren't worried about looking like zombies, perhaps they wouldn't mind wearing a revolving light on top of their noggins to warn others that they're in chat mode. Unless anyone else has a better idea...?

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