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At the launch of his book Irvine: Politically Correct?, Dominic Egan was already gathering material for a follow-up volume. The image he presents of the Lord Chancellor when he was a barrister is not a pretty one and Egan believes his book is not the end of the story. "There is more to come on Derry," the author claimed at his Fleet Street launch on Monday. One other story relates to Lord Irvine's habit of getting his legal staff to peel oranges for him. When a new junior clerk at his chambers was sent out to get the fruit, he mistakenly left them on the desk unpeeled. Sources say that Lord Irvine was not a happy apple.

SAY WHAT you like about Conservative MPs, they certainly know how to eat. Tory MPs are spoilt for choice when it comes to dining clubs. The latest is something called the Everest Club. Comprised of Tories elected to the Commons at the last election, it is said to get its name from its members having a mountain to climb before they get their hands on power in the party. The meetings are hosted by the Wiltshire MP James Gray, and attended from time to time by Damian Green, Tory MP for Ashford, among others. "The club is seriously social," contends Ashford. "Our agenda is never to talk about politics." So no plotting, then? "No, we just have fun," the MP promises.

Is Jade Jagger the new Bet Lynch? The jewellery-designing daughter of Mick Jagger has designs on her local pub, The Earl Percy in Ladbroke Grove, Pandora's sources say. If the premises ever do fall into Jade's hands, alterations will no doubt be made to accommodate the "in crowd". At the moment the Earl Percy is more cloth caps than Prada bags.

JAMES JAGGER, offspring of Mick and his ex-wife Jerry Hall, is not old enough for pubs but has some grown-up ideas about his own future. "Modelling and singing are for wusses," he once told his parents. In an interview with Tatler, Jerry Hall remembers that after this outburst, Mick wanted to know where he stood. James replied: "Dad, you wear make-up, you wear funny costumes, and you wiggle your bum on stage in front of thousands of people. What do you think it makes you?"

There was nothing quiet about this week's opening of hush, the restaurant run by Roger Moore's son Geoffrey. A huge throng of chattering guests included Christopher Lee, Joan Collins, Posh Spice and, of course, Roger Moore. Such was the crush, it would have been hard for the observer to appreciate the cooler points of the restaurant, such as the machine outside the toilets, which dispenses trendy American Spirit cigarettes. But was it the sort of place that James Bond would patronise? Roger Moore cast doubt on this. "Yes, he would, but only if he were allowed in." Come on, Rog, Posh Spice was invited after all.

PETER MANDELSON will no doubt be distraught to see that The Guardian is now calling him the Thing. In yesterday's story about Tony Blair choosing Mandy and Gordon Brown to head Labour's campaign team at the next general election, one paragraph read: "Although the relationship between Mr Brown and thing, worsened since the general election, Mr Blair has decided to risk having the two work together on a daily basis." Gordy versus the Thing. A clash of the titans indeed.

Robert De Niro, Richard Gere and Eric Clapton are among stars who fell in love with the same woman, despite never having met her. That is the claim made in next month's Vanity Fair magazine. Miranda, as the woman claimed to be called, transfixed her victims with a subtle form of telephone seduction and an intimate knowledge of their lives. Warren Beatty, one of those victims, was approached to make a film about the phenomenon, which played out over 15 years, but the film was never made. A pity, as it was to reveal the woman's true identity: she is a 50-year-old social worker named Whitney, from Louisiana.