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With the political football of tuition fees back on Scotland's pitch, Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy First Minister Jim Wallace must be nimble footed if the Lib-Lab coalition is to survive. Before this week's Cubie report on fees was published, Lib Dem high command met to decide how to spin it. "We must beware of hostile Scottish leaders," Wallace told the meeting. "What, like Alex Salmond or David McLetchie?" replied a helpful aide, referring to the Scottish National Party and Conservative Party chiefs. "Actually I was thinking more of The Scotsman, The Herald or the Daily Record," informed Wallace to great hilarity all round

STEVE "LADYKILLER" Norris has found himself an unholy alliance. Hoping to get through the final round of the selection process for the Tory candidacy for Mayor of London, Nozzer put out a campaign leaflet this week. Among the long list of nobodies it says are firm Norris supporters, one name proudly stands out - Cecil Parkinson.

Famous people should stick to their own kind, according to Winona Ryder. The actress claims that star boyfriends (which in her case have included Johnny Depp, rock star Dave Pirner and current love Matt Damon) are more understanding than your average Joe Bloggs. "I went with a computer scientist for a while, and I felt much more pressure even though the media ignored him," claims Ryder. "The nice part was that nobody even took our picture because he wasn't famous. But he didn't understand my Hollywood career and my priorities as an actress. He didn't like sharing me with the world on magazine covers and TV. It was very tough."

EASY LISTENING music, or "lounge" as it is known, will be top of the pops at the Christmas and New Year parties thrown by Britain's bright young things this year. Leading the bona fide pack of "lounge" lizards such as Frank Sinatra and Matt Monro is the legendary Andy Williams, whose "Music to Watch Girls By" is the unofficial anthem of this ancient musical movement. But "lounge" devotees might be surprised to hear that Andy's taste in music strikes a different note to his own easy style. His favourite records are "Dark Side of the Moon" from Pink Floyd and "Born to Run" by Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen.

Listening to country man Kenny Rogers is never easy, but one member of his audience recently found out just how hard it can be. Kevin O'Toole, a 48-year-old accountant from Dallas, claims he was hit by glass from a falling chandelier at a Rogers concert when the singer threw a Frisbee into the audience. Despite being ferried to hospital in the singer's limousine, O'Toole is asking Rogers to pay $2m (about pounds 1.24m) in damages. "I guess I just bought myself a lawsuit," the unfortunate Rogers later lamented.

EVERYONE HAS a view on the Neil Hamilton/ Mohamed Al Fayed libel case, but what of Steve Pound, the Labour MP for Ealing North, whose relationship with "Mo" on the terraces of Fulham Football Club has been so closely followed by Pandora? "There's been talk that Mr Fayed should go on trial for trying to corrupt an MP," recognises Pound. "But trying to corrupt Neil Hamilton would be like trying to persuade Denise Van Outen to take her clothes off - it's not that difficult."