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Gilded Balloon (venue 38), 233 Cowgate (0131-226 2151) 8.45pm; to 2 Sept (not 31 Aug)

Paul Tonkinson introduces us to the evil red spot shining from the end of his conk. Comedians' noses usually sprout an Edinburgh big boy, but Tonkinson extracts more material from his than most. Geeky and bandy-legged, this charismatic Yorkshire nutter combines the visual trickery of Lee Evans with the adept improvisation of a Whose Line vet. Most comedians witter on about their schooldays, but with Tonkinson you forgive him for his brilliant characterisations, not to mention lines like, "I've never met Ann Summers, but I reckon she'd be up for it." His face is a wonder of contortion: he has, surely, produced the definitive impression of a talking penis.

Mark Wareham