Personal Finance: Loose Change

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COUNTRYWIDE SURVEYORS is launching a 10-year defects insurance policy for older properties, covering accidental damage, subsidence, settlement and heave, dry rot or cavity wall tie failure. The cover costs pounds 10 a month, with a claims limit of pounds 75,000, plus a further pounds 11,250 for temporary accommodation and any professional fees associated with the claim. Call the 24-hour helpline on 01908 575000.

SKIPTON BUILDING Society is launching a new edition of its two-year Growth Bond, offering up to 30 per cent growth plus a guaranteed return of capital. The bond is linked to the FTSE 100 share index. The bond starts on October 31, with investments up to October 24 earning interest linked to the society's High Street account. This pays between 3 per cent gross on deposits above pounds 2,000 and 7 per cent gross on deposits above pounds 50,000. Call 0345 171777.

MARKS & SPENCER Financial Services is offering payment protection insurance on loans and account card balances taken with the company. The cover, which costs 66 pence for every pounds 100 outstanding on the account, pays pounds 15 or pounds 10, whichever the greater, of any outstanding balance, until a person returns to work. In the event of illness or accident the policy pays out after 15 consecutive days off work. Call 0800 363400 for loan protection or 01244 681681 for payment protection.

GE FINANCIAL Fund Management is launching EuroPEP 1, a fund that tracks the 100 most actively traded blue chip UK and continental European stocks. The PEP offers a return of 100 per cent of capital after five and a half years, with a final return of 130 per cent of percentage growth in the FTSE Europtop 100 share index, up to a maximum of 175 per cent of the original investment. The EuroPEP qualifies both under single company and general PEP regulations, allowing for maximum investments of up to pounds 9,000 in the current tax year. Call GP Financial on 0181-3803388.