Stunning rare colour photographs of Blitz time Britain released by Imperial War Museum

The images have been published to mark the 75 years since the Battle of Britain

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Take a glimpse at some of the hidden treasures of the Imperial War Museum archives. These extremely rare colour photographs of life in London and across the UK during the Blitz have been released to to celebrate the 75 years since the Battle of Britain.

The images have been published to celebrate the opening of Blitzed Brits: part of the Horrible Histories series at the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. The exhibition, which is free, is now open until April 2016. The images are some of a small collection of colour shots from the era.

TR 1114: Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London with barrage balloons in the background, seen from Westminster Bridge

TR471: A battery of 3.7 inch anti-aircraft guns firing at night

The bombed site of John Lewis, Oxford Street, London, which was used for the Army exhibition

Left to right: Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Portal; Field Marshal Sir Alan Brooke; Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister; and Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham in 10 Downing Street Garden, 7 May 1945

The War Effort: A view of Trafalgar Square in London showing 'Carry on London' and 'Salute the Soldier' propaganda hoardings on Nelson's Column