Video: London's biggest ever time-lapse video created by over 40 photographers

Over 350,000 photographs were put together from 80 different clips

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An incredible crowdsourcing project has seen dozens of London’s biggest photography enthusiasts collaborate in what is the capital’s largest ever time-lapse video.

Lapse London brought together more than 40 photographers on the 6 December to create the stunning collection of images.

The creators of the video, time-lapse photography equipment company Triggertrap, had to combine 80 different clips by splicing together over 350,000 different photographs shot in the space of nearly 40 hours.

The incredible clips include some of London’s most iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and the Thames Barrier.

Watch the incredible time-lapse video below

Also captured are some less shot parts of the capital, such as the Regent’s Park, the Camden Passage and inside the BBC’s newsroom at Broadcasting House.

Haje Jan Kamps CEO and Co-Founder of Triggertrap said his inspiration behind the project was to make photography more of a collaborative past time.

He told The Independent: “I always thought about photography as an exciting art, but you spend most of the time on your own and it isn’t really a collaborative thing.

“So I thought wouldn’t it be cool if we got everyone together and created a time-lapse love story to London.”

After managing to enlist over 40 photographers, Kamps said organising where people would shoot, and whether a group in which only half of the participants had time-lapse experience would be able to create a successful film was trickier.

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Tower Bridge capture in amazing time-lapse video

“In reality we realised we only had an afternoon, so we offered everyone a brief introduction and masterclass. We then sent the crews out,only instructing them  to tell their own little bit of the story.”

After the challenge of editing all of the clips together, Kamps and the other organisers of the event were extremely happy with the quality of the clips and the diversity of the locations.

Professional time-lapse photographer Chad Gordon Higgins, who carried out the masterclass before the shoot, said he did have some concerns.

He told The Independent: “I did fear that we would end up with 40 shots of the London Eye, but it was great to see that everyone did scatter across London and it was exciting to see different photographers capture London through their eyes.

“The result turned out great.”

Kamps said: “I liked the bits that really show motion. The bit where the boats go into the lock and just sinks down and shoots back up again and out the other side, I really like that because you don’t really think about how long that sort of thing takes.”

So pleased were the organisers with the outcome, they are already planning to put together a similar project soon.

Kamps said: “I’m hoping to meet up with photographers more often; as there isn’t many places where this can happen. I’m hoping this can happen more often than annual, but we will see how much people want to go out.”

The full video of the Lapse London can be found here Vimeo: Lapse London