Video: Tower Bridge captured in stunning time-lapse video

Chad Gordon Higgins took a total of 12,076 photos over 18 hours to make the two and a half minute video

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A day in the life of the iconic Tower Bridge has been captured in an incredible time-lapse video created by a London-based photographer.

Chad Gordon Higgins spent 18 hours taking a total of 12,076 photos in the area around Tower Bridge to show the 128-year-old crossing in all of its glory at night and during the day.

After collecting all of the images, Higgins then had to trim the number of photographs used down to just 3,878 to fill the two and a half minute video.

Among the images selected are shots from the Bridge itself, from the river and the view of the bridge from another London landmark, The Tower of London.

Videos and pictures courtesy of Chad Gordon Higgins

Also included in the film are views from the bridge’s new £1million glass bottomed walkway that runs between both towers.

The glass walkway which is made up of six sheets of glass nearly 3in gained notoriety last month, when after only just two weeks of being open one of its panes shattered.

Over 40 kg of equipment, including skater dollies, sliders and a range of tripods were required to create the time-lapse effects.

According to Higgins finding the time to carry out the shoot was one of the hardest aspects of making the film, with Higgins admitting that his early starts often meant he could only sleep for a couple of hours every night.

In an interview with the Mail Online, Higgins said: 'I've filmed a couple of times in the underbelly of Tower Bridge for various programmes, but I've never actually been up to the walkways. 

"During one of the shots I rested against one of the top suspension cables taking in the views and you could feel the feint vibrations of the traffic below, the cables that have resonated the crossing of probably, billions of people over years gone past and now with the addition of the glass floors, it's a great sight to behold. 

"Everyone is on a journey somewhere."

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