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IT IS ALWAYS difficult adapting a much-loved novel for the screen, and, sure enough, director Brian De Palma was criticised for his interpretation of The Bonfire of the Vanities (8pm FilmFour), the book by Tom Wolfe. Tom Hanks, one of the big screen's nice guys, is not ideally suited to play the arrogant Wall Street trader and self-styled "Master of the Universe", Sherman McCoy. However, Melanie Griffith (right) sizzles as his duplicitous lover, and the film captures some of the sharp satirical edge that made Wolfe's work one of the definitive 1980s novels.

Despite the stadium-tour hype that surrounded him during his Born in the USA period, Bruce Springsteen has, more than most rock stars, managed to hold on to a degree of integrity. Today you can play air-guitar along to some of his Greatest Hits (1pm VH-1).