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ON THE back of films such as There's Something About Mary, Cameron Diaz (right) has become one of the hottest actresses around. Head above Water (8.30pm Sky Premier) dates from a period when she was slightly less fashionable. In this uneven black comedy from Jim Wilson, receiving its satellite premiere tonight, she plays a woman staying on a remote holiday island with her husband (Harvey Keitel). When an old flame (Billy Zane) ends up dead on her bed, a twisty plot unfolds.

The recent ITV screening of Hunting Venus, the film about New Romantic bands, confirmed the rising trendiness of all things Eighties. This is further borne out by the reunion tours of such quintessential 1980s groups as Culture Club and the Human League. You can revel in nostalgia about perhaps the most famous of the lot, Duran Duran, in tonight's Ten of the Best (9pm VH-1).