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WITH HIS brooding good looks Rufus Sewell could probably have made it big as a Hollywood heartthrob. Instead, he has chosen to carve out a niche for himself in more off-beat fare, such as Dark City (10pm Sky Moviemax, right). In Alex Proyas's (The Crow) stylish sci-fi thriller, Sewell plays a man who finds a dead woman in his room but has no recollection of how she got there. It soon emerges that aliens - with the ability to control memory and shift buildings around - are at work in the Dark City of the title. Visually striking and employing stunning special effects, this is one of the more original sci-fi offerings of recent years.

Fairy-tales don't come much scarier than The Company of Wolves (11.15pm FilmFour), Neil Jordan's darkly imaginative reading of the Angela Carter fable about a young girl's sexual and emotional awakening.