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Pick of the Day

IT'S VOLCANO night and things start with a bang in Dante's Peak (8pm Sky Premier, right), a disaster movie from action specialist Roger Donaldson. Taking a break from the 007 dinner jacket that he now wears with such ease, Pierce Brosnan plays a scientist from the US Geological Survey. He vainly tries to convince the folk of a Washington town that their local volcano is about to blow its top, but no one will listen. When the inevitable happens, the special-effects team has a field day with the rivers of molten lava. Linda Hamilton, used to struggling against huge odds in the Terminator films, co-stars.

Volcano (10pm Sky Premier), Mick Jackson's similarly themed film, follows. It stars Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche as the pair battling the elements in a movie that memorably stated: "the coast is toast."