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IN ALL the furore surrounding the release of Adrian Lyne's version of the Vladimir Nabokov novel Lolita (9pm TNT) earlier this year, it seemed forgotten that an impressive film adaptation of the book had already been made in 1962. Stanley Kubrick's reading features a suitably shifty James Mason (right) in the role of professor Humbert Humbert, who marries a woman (Shelley Winters) in order to get closer to her nubile teenage daughter (Sue Lyon). In this Oscar-nominated screenplay by Nabokov himself, Peter Sellers provides quality support as Humbert's equally suspect rival in love. The re-runs of the original Avengers (10am, 3pm & 8pm Granada Plus) series continue to show the weakness of the recently- released film version. This week Linda Thorson as Tara King takes over from Diana Rigg's Emma Peel as Steed's sidekick.

James Rampton