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JAMES CAGNEY (right), profiled in Top of the World (9pm TNT), brought an incendiary presence to the screen - Graham Greene once remarked that "he can do nothing which is not worth watching". The Raoul Walsh crime drama, White Heat (10pm TNT), features Cagney as an unhinged hood with an unhealthy mother fixation. His reign of terror is brought to an end by an FBI agent (Edmond O'Brien) who goes undercover in his gang. In the celebrated ending, referred to in the earlier documentary's title, Cagney's triumphant gangster is enveloped by flames while shouting: "Made it, ma. Top of the world!" Despite weighing almost 60 times more than a human, the Elephant (10pm National Geographic) has long been persecuted by man. Thisdocumentary traces the impact of the ivory trade.

James Rampton

documentary traces the impact of the ivory trade.