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THE MYSTICAL sea has always captivated film-makers. Tonight's double-bill of surfing pictures opens with Big Wednesday (8pm FilmFour), John Milius' affecting movie about three Vietnam Vets (Jan-Michael Vincent, William Katt and Gary Busey) bonding with each other and the waves. This is followed by Blue Juice (10pm FilmFour), a quite lively, if uneven, British film about a man (Sean Pertwee) forced to choose between his girlfriend (Catherine Zeta Jones, right) and his surfboard. Watch for a young Ewan McGregor, in the days before Trainspotting made him mega, coasting along in a supporting role.

The Serengeti game reserve is home to more than three million mammals. "Serengeti Burning", tonight's Wilder Discoveries (8pm Discovery), gives us some spectacular views of the area from a hot-air balloon.