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Bringing up Baby/ The Philadelphia Story

From screwball to

sophistication in a heavenly Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn double bill. If you think Hugh Grant is the genuine article, prepare to change your mind.

Everyman, London 7.15, 9.05 (0171-435 1525)


Our Day Out

Willy Russell's justly famous play about riotous goings-on on a school trip. Keen observation and rampaging raucous humour.

York Theatre Royal, 8pm (01904-623568)



The new album is out now on A&M, so why not check out this very loud, very grungey three-piece band from Kansas.

Camden Palace. 9pm (0171-387 0428)

and what's more...

Are there no lengths to which performers will not go in their search for verisimilitude? Patrick Myers is fronting Closet Queen, "not just another concert tribute, but a total authentic recreation of one of the most successful rock bands in the world". Happily, he bears an "uncanny visual resemblance to Freddie Mercury", but he goes beyond mere ventriloquism by wearing a dental prosthetic made, so the press release trumpets, from an original impression of Freddie Mercury's own teeth.