Pick of the Day: Cable

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A QUARTER of a century after The Rocky Horror Picture Show (8pm Sky Movies Gold) was first performed, the stage version of Richard O'Brien's comedy- horror musical continues to tour the country and pull in audiences dressed up in absurdly camp costumes. In the film adaptation, directed by Jim Sharman, Tim Curry (right) makes a memorable Frank N Furter, the sexually outrageous doctor who shelters and then threatens to corrupt a square all-American couple (Barry Bostwick and a young Susan Sarandon). O'Brien, meanwhile, has tremendous fun as Furter's henchman, Riff Raff. The quintessential cult movie. Has cricket known a more flamboyant showman than Ian Botham? His feats in what has gone down in history as Botham's Ashes in 1981 are unlikely to be matched by a mere mortal. He is featured in Sportraits (3.30pm Sky Sports 3).

James Rampton