Pick of the Day: Cable

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WRITER/DIRECTOR John Sayles (Matewan, Eight Men Out) was deservedly nominated for an Oscar for the script of Lone Star (8pm Sky Movies Screen 2), about a sheriff, Charley (Chris Cooper) in remotest Texas investigating the disappearance of a thuggish predecessor (Kris Kristofferson, right) 40 years previously. Was Charley's own father (Matthew McConaughey) involved in some way? Typically rewarding, thought-provoking fare from Sayles. A quick repeat for Hotel (9pm UK Gold), the BBC's impossibly popular fly- on-the-hotel-room-wall view of the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool. It made instant stars of Eileen, the intimidating manager, and Brian, the head waiter - whose command "just cook, will you?" was sampled for a pop record.

James Rampton